Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes is an Artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her art, she tries to work through the deep emotional bits of human relationships and get to the bottom of how personal identity is created.


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Kingas Frames

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The unique art experience.

KINGAS FRAMES is a brand of KINGAS GRAPES that promotes art in unusual spaces. Art needs to be experienced in daily life!

KINGAS FRAMES curates art experiences in galleries, off spaces, offices and in combination with corporate products. Art can be rented or specifically produced by contemporary artists to enhance your brand in e.g. launch events or for advertising purposes.

Artists are also available to share their insight and work with startups, tech companies and innovators in a creative hub setting.

+++ Clients +++

Bacardi-Martini GmbH

Die Brotfabrik Wien

Himmelhoch GmbH

Umweltdachverband GmbH

Die Österreichische Galerie Belvedere (Koop mit Agentur TBWA)


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