Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes (*1988) is an Austrian-Hungarian award-winning painter and illustrator. A full-time fine artist since 2018, she is currently represented by the Viennese gallery Kunst ab Hinterhof. Her autodidact artistic career and exhibitions of her work have been covered in multiple Austrian newspapers and international magazines. Kinga holds a master's degree in communication science and has a decade long experience in advertising. After studies and work in Sevilla, Montreal and Budapest, she now lives and works in Vienna.




Kinga’s portraits of nude women in self-aware poses are her attempt of raising attention to the hard work women have to put into gaining equal rights. The colour blocks represent pieces of female bodies that have always been the centre of the male gaze and thus had to correspond to certain roles expected of her. Her paintings echo a Mediterranean vibe, which unveils the softness and vulnerability, but also power, of a person’s identity under the everyday mask. In her paintings, Kinga likes to display the rare moment of true connection between humans when all superficial masks are dismissed.

As femicides worldwide are rising and millions of women still do not have the freedom of right to decide over their own bodies, Kinga’s paintings raise questions of sexual ownership and female empowerment in general. As a queer artist to an immigrant family, Kinga also deals with the on-going challenges of the LGBTQ+ community in her work.

Kingas often summery-paradise-like settings aim to show nature’s abundance that humanity continuously fails to protect. By portraying a flawless, beautiful status quo, her work captures the helplessness on an individual level to fight climate change. It is the display of a holiday setting, a bubble so to say, a frozen moment of hot summery days that give the most wonderful memories to an individual, whereas at the same time the heat is burning up the planet in an unprecedented speed. Her landscape paintings don’t include any signs of human activities, thus capturing life during the several lockdowns due to Covid-19.


25. - 29. May 2021 Contemporary Designshop, Ausstellungsraum, Vienna

    6. - 30. May 2021 Hoffnung. Group exhibition curated by Einflussraum, Vienna

  1. Oct. – 31. January 2021 Nach wie vor. Group exhibition curated by Kunst ab Hinterhof, Orpheum, Graz

    08. Oct. – 31. January 2021 Nach wie vor. Group exhibition curated by Kunst ab Hinterhof,

    Orpheum, Graz

    22. - 27.Sept. 2020 Parallel Vienna Art Fair. Curated by Kunst ab Hinterhof, Vienna

    15. May – 15. June 2020 Alone. Not Lonely. Group Exhibition, Einflussraum, Vienna

    26. Apr. 2020 Junge Kunst Vol. Online Pt 04, Group Exhibition, Instagram

    11. Oct. – 30. Oct. 2019 Wasserspiegel

    Solo Show kuratiert von Junge Kunst, Süsswasser, Vienna

    23. Mar. – 18 May 2019 Miniscule, Group Show, Crosslane Projects Kendal UK

    8. Mar. 2019 Fundraiser Event Changes for Women by Improper Walls, Vienna

    1. Feb. 2019 Art Attech, Group Show, The Loft, Vienna

    20. Oct. – 6. Dec. 2018 Junge Kunst Vol 8.0, St. Art & Damani Vienna

    17. Nov. 2018 Junge Kunst Markt, Damani Vienna

    04. Sept. 2018 Creative Prism No. 4., Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna

    26. Jun. 2018 Private Exhibition Solo Show, 1090 Vienna

    13. Apr. 2018 Open Studio, 1090 Vienna

    14. Feb. – 02. Mar. 2018 Clitical Talk RRRiot Festival, Improper Walls Vienna



Oct. 2020 Al-tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine, Back Cover and One pager about “Corona Times – Damage Report” Artwork, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisboa, Japan Design University

Oct. 2020 Frauendomäne Artist Portrait

Sept. 2020 Al-tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine, Artist Talk on Facebook Live

Sept. 2020 Talkaccino, Interview Artist Portrait

June 2020 Heute, Commission work for Austrian actress Kristina Sprenger

May 2020 Kronenzeitung, Exhibition Info Alone. Not lonely.

Oct. 2019 City4you, Artist Portrait

Oct. 2019 Kronenzeitung, Info Solo Show Wasserspiegel



July 2019 Medium.com How do artists think? — An insight into the process of painting an artwork

July 2019 Medium.com How to be creative?

April 2019 Medium.com How I figured out a creative routine

April 2019 Medium.com My first year as a full time artist 

Oct. 2018 Co-Hosting “1st Game of Creativity” Championship

Sept. 2018 Speaker @ Creative Prism No. 4.

July 2018  Creativity Gym Spotlight Interview 



Staatspreis 2018

CCA VENUS 2018 Category Photography

Agency: TBWA\Wien
Campaign: Da passiert was.
Client: Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
Idea & Concept: Kinga Jakabffy
Photographer: Stefan Draschan