Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes is an Artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her art, she tries to work through the deep emotional bits of human relationships and get to the bottom of how personal identity is created.


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Kinga enjoys breaking down the layers of masks people wear to cover their true selves up. Her acrylic paintings often show fragmented bodies in bold color blocks. Her paintings echo a Mediterranean vibe, which unveils the softness and vulnerability of a person’s identity under the everyday mask. Most of her subjects are nude, which furthermore emphasizes the wish to portray the raw humanity of the characters.

Her drawings break the boldness of the painted color blocks and reduce the identities to simple lines, which express fragility and moods of the personalities in an outlining way. She brings the essence of the moment to life, while giving room to a feeling of unfulfilled wish. Her latest works with acrylic and oil paint on paper merge materials unusually brought together. The wet paint comes to life in a powerful and more approachable way than in traditional paintings.

In her artworks, Kinga has developed a set of sensual and sexual codes that are repeatedly used. There’s the cherry red button as nipple and the zipper or the leaf as vulva. These codes worship the culturally shaped strongest and weakest body part, the female genitalia. Kinga thus responds ironically to social media’s nude body ban policies that only apply to the female body.

Kinga also repeatedly paints hands and fingers. These are the most intimate and potent spots of the entire body. She says: “Hands tell me everything about a person. Their personality, their whole identity is revealed in a simple gesture”. And to get this done, it is necessary to openly gaze behind the mask.

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