Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes is an Artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her art, she tries to work through the deep emotional bits of human relationships and get to the bottom of how personal identity is created.


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Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro (Role Issues)

//Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro (Role Issues)
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Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro (Role Issues)2020-10-05T15:16:20+02:00

Project Description

Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro (Role issues)

Painting: Acrylic, Pencil, Marker, Paint on Canvas.
70 x 100 cm, 2018.


This acrylic painting shows two people who are connected in their minds. However, one of them has several “faces” or masks. The other partner dissolves into pieces/fragments when (s)he finds out. The artworks raises questions about the multiple roles we take on in everyday life, even around our most favorite humans. Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro is a famous Spanish song by Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio, also performed by Sílvia Pérez Cruz. The song accompanied the production of this painting.

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