Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes is an Artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her art, she tries to work through the deep emotional bits of human relationships and get to the bottom of how personal identity is created.


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Jungle Lady

//Jungle Lady
  • Blooming flower jungle lady
Jungle Lady2019-10-14T22:51:17+02:00

Project Description

Jungle Lady (2018)

Details. Acryllic Paint on Canvas, 60 x 80 cm, 2018

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I made this painting during a stay in the Austrian mountains. It is inspired by the wonderful landscape and nature of Carinthia, southern Austria.
The woman in the portrait blends in with the trees and flowers around. She becomes one with nature. The viewer is reminded of the connectedness with mother nature. It provokes a feeling of wholeness and belonging. It’s about awareness and the protection of the environment which gives so much to humans.

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