Kinga Jakabffy aka Kingas Grapes is an Artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her art, she tries to work through the deep emotional bits of human relationships and get to the bottom of how personal identity is created.


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Kingas Grapes Exhibition

Art Exhibition References

15. May – 15. June 2020 Alone. Not Lonely. Group Exhibition, Einflussraum, Wien

26. Apr. 2020 Junge Kunst Vol. Online Pt 04, Group Exhibition, Instagram

11. Oct. – 05. Nov. 2019 WASSERSPIEGEL Solo Show, Süsswasser Wien

23. Mar. – 18 May 2019 Miniscule, Group Show, Crosslane Projects Kendal UK

8. Mar. 2019 Fundraiser Event Changes for Women by Improper Walls, Vienna

1. Feb. 2019 Art Attech, Group Show, The Loft, Vienna

20. Oct. – 6. Dec. 2018 Junge Kunst Vol 8.0, St. Art & Damani Wien

17.   Nov. 2018 Junge Kunst Markt, Damani Wien

04. Sept. 2018 Creative Prism No. 4., Angewandte Innovation Lab

26. Jun. 2018 Private Exhibition Solo Show, 1090 Wien

13.  Apr. 2018 Open Studio, 1090 Wien

14.  Feb. – 02. Mar. 2018 Clitical Talk RRRiot Festival, Improper Walls Wien

15.  Jan. – 28. Feb. 2018 Solo Show, Thompson’s Wien

Publishing & Speaking

Oct. 2018 Co-Hosting “1st Game of Creativity” Championship

Sept. 2018 Speaker @ Creative Prism No. 4.

July 2018  Creativity Gym Spotlight Interview 

June 2018 Book “Love Unicorns?” Better Ways to Start a Conversation. Big Rules of Small Talk explained Step by Step“ (English Edition) Kindle Edition.


Staatspreis 2018

CCA VENUS 2018 Category Photography

Agency: TBWA\Wien
Campaign: Da passiert was.
Client: Österreichische Galerie Belvedere
Idea & Concept: Kinga Jakabffy
Photographer: Stefan Draschan

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